Manufacturing & Industrial

Mega Disposal can service any organization’s needs. A commercial dumpster makes trash collection much more manageable. It can eliminate the number of trash pick-ups and trips to the landfill, saving you and your business money.

Manufacturing Waste in Rhode Island

Safely Dispose of Hazardous Materials with Professionals

Producing and manufacturing products also carries the inevitable creation of waste for excess materials and the manufacturing site itself. We has a variety of solutions to efficiently collect all trash and recyclables as well as both hazardous and non-hazardous waste from your business in an environmentally friendly fashion.

  • Recycling solutions
    Our trash collection services also come with the option for recycling!
Sustainability for Manufacturing Waste Services

Sustainable Solutions for Manufacturing Waste

The on-site waste stream evaluation is a comprehensive, no-cost process involving our Corporate Industrial Group chosen to match your facility’s waste streams and industry type. We help you achieve and track your environmental goals, ISO 14001, SQF, and beyond by designing a waste collection, diversion, and disposal system specific to your facility.

  • Disposal

    Ensure the responsible and environmentally friendly removal of waste materials.
  • Logistics

    Transportation, collection, bulking, and sorting
  • Management

    Essential for maintaining a clean and sustainable environment.
  • Sourcing

    Recyclables are reusable materials that benefit the environment and economy.
For Your Business

Commercial Services

Mega Disposal's commercial waste collection provides your business with a range of containers and service schedules for your garbage pickup needs.